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Vito studied architecture at Georgia Tech and opted for entrepreneurial experiences in engineering, retail, publishing, telecommunications, marketing and theatre and television production.

Vito has produced over 25 stage plays including To Oz and Back, the television show Entertainment Atlanta™ for a CBS affiliate, three multi-million dollar award winning CD-ROM projects for Disney Interactive: 101 Dalmatians Animated StoryBook, MathQuest with Aladdin featuring Robin Williams and Hades' Challenge and the award winning broadband website, Concept:Cure for Digital Domain and General Motors.

His vast array of work experience has earned him the title of "Experience Architect." He has created and produced groundbreaking award-winning multi-media projects for theatre, television, CD-ROM and the web for such companies as; Digital Domain, General Motors, Disney Interactive, and Paramount Digital Entertainment where as the Executive Producer he led development of the next generation of entertainment on the web.

He is the Co-Founder and President of Why Communications where in addition to the day-to-day branding business, he explores next generation digital entertainment & branded virtual experiences. Out of this vision for the future, he created the first-ever online virtual fan convention, The Official 3D Virtual Star Trek Convention.

He has written seven books on a variety of subjects ranging from acoustics to branding, and was the first certified consultant in Dramatica and the Theory of Mental Relativity. He has consulted on story structure on over fifteen feature projects. He is also a member of Producer's Guild of America and as a Board of Governor of the New Media Council, he is the Chairman of Membership.

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