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CLIC Track One-on-One

For those who want to move at their own pace, fast or slow, and who want a branding staff at their disposal for review and advice, CLIC Track One-on-One is the program for you.  CLIC Track One-on-One is a six-month program that includes monthly in-person meetings with Kim Castle and W. Vito Montone, the co-creators of the BrandU process (along with the other CLIC Track participants), unlimited e-mail support and a complimentary copy of the BrandU Bible.

Over the course of six months, CLIC Track ensures that you will:

  • have personal guidance to assist you in developing your brand
  • walk through the entire four-step Brand Statement process
  • walk through the entire four-step CLIC process of external communication tools
  • develop a name, tagline and a marketing statement, whichever is appropriate to your situation
  • be shown how to use your Brand Bible to create all the tools you will need to:
    • communicate your brand and make solid business decisions
    • discuss or review marketing approaches and materials
    • brainstorm and discuss productization and business development ideas
    • have access to an exclusive community of like-minded entrepreneurs and small businesspersons
    • have a branding staff at your disposal to answer questions

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