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It's A BrandU Day
Bedside Fear Transformation Process and Journal

Within each entrepreneur lies an amazing potential for success - be it financial, innovative, or even personal. Yet the path to get there is often riddled with an unseen struggle. It's a simple four-letter word: F-E-A-R.  It rears its ugly head in all the wrong places, and when we least expect it.  Fear has been lived with so long, that it is now often woven into the fabric of our thought, without our awareness, taking us down when we least expect it - until now.

When it comes to dealing with this part of being human, it's not about "feeling it and doing it anyway" affirmations, or pretending these thoughts don't exist. It's A BrandU Day will show you how to plant the success that you want in the palm of your hand.

Simple to follow, easy to use, the  It's A BrandU Day process will help you quickly identify the root of your fears, divert the trapped energy of thought, and align it with your intention. Used daily, it will turn those negative thoughts into channels of power and arm you with the awareness to realize the success of your dreams.

While BrandU's focus is building businesses with big visions, it's impossible to build one on the shaky foundation that comes from apprehension or a deep lack of belief. In order to work with entrepreneurs and build that big brand, we had to develop a process that helps users understand their seeds of fear and turn those weeds into a thriving garden. With It's A BrandU Day, you'll not only get words of wisdom and encouragement but the very process that has proved successful for ourselves, our family and our clients. The changes we experienced inspired us to share it with you.

This spiral-bound journal is available as a bedside companion, ready whenever you recognize fears unwanted presence.

Make sure nothing stands in the way of your big business success, not even... yourself.


Why BrandU

"Command with your brand and be in demand! Read Why BrandU and learn how to experience profitability beyond belief."
 - Mark Victor Hansen, America's Leading Expert on Human Potential and Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and One Minute Millionaire.

Big business success, no matter your size today, starts with a mindset - a way of thinking that's different from most people's thoughts.  It's not taught in schools and it's not taught on the street - it's usually acquired from prized mentors.  You can have the big business mindset, you just need to be opened to how to get it.  Why BrandU sets your mindset in the right place and with the right viewpoint, setting you on the course to all the business success you desire.

This informative and inspiring book demystifies brands like Coke and Disney and sets the stage for any business to be developed with the same big business approach. It is a powerful read and makes a wonderful gift for anyone leaving corporate life for an
entrepreneurial one, launching a new product or charged with revitalizing an ongoing enterprise.  It is also perfect for individuals who are embarking on new careers or working within a larger marketing structure, i.e., real estate agents, insurance agents, investment agents, network marketing organizations and more.

Build the business of your dreams starting from the mindset up!

Why BrandU chapters:

A logo does not a brand make.

Branding is not a logo, a brochure or a web site
What does it mean to be a brand?
Why brand you?

Lack is one merry-go-round you need to get off.

It's time to get out of your own way
There are no monsters under the bed
Vision is Not What You See
What's passion got to do with it?

True uniqueness is on the inside.

A Point in Every Direction Is the Same as No Point At All
Look Inside Not Out
Know Your Uniqueness
Clear Intentions Get Results

Your potential to be big lies in every little thing you do.

Wasting away in Please-want-me-ville
Communication is Energy Exchange
Uniqueness is the Way to Your Market
You Can Make A Difference.

Bound Soft-cover is just $27 plus tax and shipping.


There's A Brand Inside You - CD

There's A Brand Inside You: Big Business Success, No Matter Your Size

  • Want big business success as a small business owner or entrepreneur?
  • Want to separate yourself in a competitive market place?
  • Want your business materials to do the talking for you?

These answers are easy when you know how.

This 60-minute audio version of the powerful live presentation "There's A Brand Inside You with Kim Castle" will remind you through interactive exercises how brand worthy your business is. Experience this presentation as hundreds of entrepreneurs experience it live.

Listen to There's A Brand Inside You on the go, during your workout or at home, to reinforce the big business success mindset that comes from building your business as a brand.  No matter your size, it's what sets you apart from the competition.

Hear Kim Castle share her brand mindset wisdom on this one-hour audio CD for just $97, plus tax and shipping.

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