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We didn't think so. Yet that's what our clients like, Entertainment Business Group, Higher Octave Music, Film Mates, Celebrity Products Direct, Ari Galper's Unlock the Game, and so many more pay for our services.

"If I hadn't invested in developing my brand with Kim and Vito, I can honestly say that I would have half the income that I have today. The BrandU process was a homerun for my business! -- Ari Galper, Unlock The Game

Would you like to gain the power of the very same branding process, and do it yourself for much much less?

Would you like step-by-step guidance by the founders of the BrandU, Kim Castle and W. Vito Montone, wherever and whenever you want? 

"Kim and Vito breathed new life into our look that spilled into our entire operation's attitude and perception of who we are, as well as all our relationships". -- John Lee, CEO Entertainment Business Group

Now you can brand yourself at a fraction of the cost -- introducing BrandU's Self CLIC.

Combining the proven process from the BrandU Bible and the dynamic 13-part Audio Walk-Through audio program, Self CLIC delivers the entire branding process at your own pace, in your own home or office.

Self CLIC provides the flexibility of our self-study workbook and the structure of our popular tele-course program resulting in a powerful brand for a fraction of the normal costs and the convenience to fit into any schedule – the best of both BrandU™ worlds.

In this thirteen-part audio-program, you will:

  • Walk through the entire four-step Brand Statement proces
  • Walk through the entire four-step CLIC process of external communication tools
  • Conveniently work at your own pace -- any time, any place
  • Develop a dynamic name, tagline and marketing statement
  • Use your Brand Bible to create all the tools you will need to communicate your brand and make solid business decisions
  • Have access to an exclusive community of like-minded entrepreneurs and small businesspersons,  by way of Brand Warrior tools like: the BrandU Post and Brandtopia.
  • And more.

By the end of the course, you'll have completed your own brand bible and have the definitive map for making all of your business decisions easier -- design, communications, marketing campaigns, PR, media, team, strategic partnership selection and more.

Big business success is achieved by viewing yourself and your product or service as a brand.  Branding makes instant and lasting impressions on the marketplace so customers are able to find you. Self CLIC makes this easy and undeniable.

Your SELF CLIC Tools include:

  • BrandU Bible eWorkbook (PDF)
  • Audio Walk-through 5-CD audio Set
  • 20-page Self CLIC Guide

Don't wait to make your business the success you've always dreamed it to be.  How big your business success is, is totally in YOUR hands! We are cheering you on!

SelfCLIC: A Virtual Classroom - Workbook, 5-CD Set & Guide - Enter Coupon/Promo Code in Shopping Cart

Regular Price: $ 997.00


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