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One-day BrandU Workshop
Now You Can Acquire the Secrets of Attracting Customers That Only The Fortune 500 have…

Coca Cola, Starbucks, The Body Shop, Coldwell Banker, Chicken Soup for the Soul and Microsoft are multi-million dollar brands known around the world.   But most businesses don’t even think about branding as a foundation for business growth.   And it’s the lack of the mindset of building a brand that significantly contributes to why small businesses fail.

Can you relate to any of these?

  • Do you feel frustrated trying to get clients to understand how you can help them?
  • Are you relying on other client referrals to cover your expenses?
  • Do you see dollar after countless dollar wasted on marketing efforts that are not profitable?
  • Do you dread the “So, what do you do?” question?
  • Have you had to hope that you will scrape in enough cash each month to pay your support staff?
  • Are you in information overwhelm unsure of what marketing tactic to use and when?

Big business doesn’t have these problems, and you won’t have them eitherIF you build your business as a brand FIRST.

Just imagine this…

  • People saying “I’ve heard of you” when you walk into a room,
  • People say “I want that!” EVERY time,
  • Your phone rings with people wanting to work with you,
  • Opportunities and joint ventures effortlessly come to you every day,
  • You choose your clients and projects instead of letting them choose you.

The best-kept secret that opens to the doors to the marketplace wide.  In fact, branding has launched some of the largest companies in the world.  Companies such as Ford, Remax, General Motors, and Toyota.  It spawned a new breed of athletic clothing like Nike, Adidas and Converse.   It made little companies like Quizno’s, McDonald’s, and Burger King into worldwide entities.

What is this secret?

Here it is:   Your success in business is determined by your ability to communicate your business in a few words or images...   

It’s called Branding.  Branding, when done right, attracts customers! 


I doubled my sales after developing my brand.  My customers were able to connect, feel comfortable and order my CDs and
E-Books with ease and trust.  The BrandU process was a homerun for my business!”

Ari Galper, Unlock The Game™  

The problem is most business owners dismiss branding as unattainable and only available to major multi-million dollar corporations.

They think money is the solution.  Nike, McDonald’s and Starbucks put millions into the colors and design elements that make a customer FEEL what they are trying to convey.  And it works.  There are times when the consumer doesn't know why they are attracted to a business' products—they just are.  It is important to make customers know, feel, and experience your products and services.  That’s what branding will do for you. HOWEVER they are wrong thinking that money is barrier.  The true barrier is that they haven't been shown how to do it—step-by-step—without spending millions.  It's starts within you.

Click here if you're ready now.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression with your prospects.  If you fail, you lose everything.  But if you succeed…

The aim of branding is amplify the “attraction factor” for your business and work for you  24 hours a day, 7 days per virtually no extra cost to you or your business.  

But most people fall short of the goal because they don’t have a duplicatable system to get great results.

Working with some of largest global advertising agencies in the world, we watched in awe as some of the largest companies in the world spent millions of dollars to “guess,” which logo, product name, taglines and colors would produce the best results. When something didn’t work, they just started over. Imagine that!  Millions of dollars were lost because of the guessing games that went on around branding. But you don’t have dollars or time to waste, do you?  Of course not!

You do NOT need a new logo. 
You need a proven system to create a BRAND!

You can experience it at the
BrandU® One-day Workshop


“In just two weeks following the One-day workshop, my business grew 400%!”

Jessica Duquette,In Perfect Order

If you’re really ready to skyrocket your business, build better and stronger customer relationships, and experience increased profitability, I invite you to spend one day with us!

Branding, and more importantly the mindset and process you go through, can literally explode your business almost over night! That’s why we bring our One-day BrandU® Workshop to entrepreneurs around the country… and are getting requests to bring it to Australia, U.K., China, and India.

We created an interactive exercise-rich Workshop so you can go through the experiences yourself, connect to your business in a way you’ve never been able to do before. 



Here’s just a SAMPLING of what you’ll experience during our eight hours together:

  • The four reasons why you’re losing business.
  • How to stop competition from killing you.
  • How to make decisions from the power center of your business.
  • How to insure you communicate the uniqueness and value of your business.
  • What makes a great logo and actually connect to your own.
  • The 4 tools to create lasting impression about your business without saying a word.
  • And much more…

You’ll Leave With:

  • A fail-proof process for releasing fear, concerns, and limiting thoughts.
  • The big business mindset needed to truly grow your business.
  • The seed of YOUR own brand planted.
  • Action item steps that you can apply immediately.
  • A growing community of like-minded entrepreneurs developing their business from the same place.
  • The most important thing you will ever do to create your successful business.
  • And more.

Not sure if one day will tangibly impact your business?

Don’t take our word for it.
Here’s what other people say about the BrandU® process.


 “BrandU should be required education for businesses and entrepreneurs.  I gained more clarity in one day than I’ve gotten in any other course.”

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Red Hot Copy


BrandU is a laser approach to a complex process that leaves you feeling (re)inspired, (re)directed, (re)focused and ready to bring your brand mainstream in a huge way! Wow!”

Tami Walsh, Teen Wisdom


“I consider myself a marketing expert and really wasn’t sure if a one day workshop was a good use of my time. BrandU more than surpassed my expectations. I walked away with specific tools I’m going to use immediately.”

Adam Urbanski, Marketing Mentors


"As a result of going through your branding process, I now have powerful communication tools for a confident launch of my brand new business.Without any doubt, you have saved me months of precious time that otherwise I would have frittered away on frustrating trial and error exercises.I whole heartedly recommend any entrepreneur to take this fascinating journey with Kim and Vito. They have masterfully crafted the ultimate branding system affordable to anyone."
Hans Norden, Founder, Anticipated Outcome, Inc.

The investment is a mere fraction of hiring an agency.

While our one-hour brand consulting sessions cost $500 and consulting with Kim and Vito personally for an entire day would cost $8,000, we're committed to unleashing the power of influence that results from branding in as many entrepreneurs and small business owners as possible so the investment of this workshop to just $297.  Any entrepreneur who is truly serious about their big business success can attend. Past attendees have said that for what they experienced in this hands-on intensive they would gladly pay double.

Ready to reserve your spot now?

Plus, you’ll also get…

BONUS #1: 10 Things to Look For In Your Designer

You will receive ten tips that can save you countless hours and $500, $1,000, no, tens of $1,000 of dollars when hiring designers to produce any marketing materials.

BONUS #2: Products and Services Discounts

You will receive certificates for $1,000's of dollars in discounts for products and services from leading experts and seasoned professionals to assist you in promoting and marketing your business after your amazing new brand is developed.

BONUS #3: You’ll have the opportunity
to work privately by winning one
of the Brandstorms ($500 value)

Our greatest joy is to work with entrepreneurs privately and help them tap into the full power of their business vision and communicate it with the power of influence that the big brands have. Some lucky workshop attendees will win the chance to pick the brains of BrandU's founders and work on anything they want.

BONUS #4: Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack

 Because we want you to be able to completely focus on building the your big business foundation, I feed you throughout the day. Breakfast usually consists of fresh seasonal fruit, muffins, coffee and assorted teas. Since people have a variety of dietary needs, we serve a very healthy buffet with an assortment of fresh salads, veggies, breads, and meats. If you have specific needs, we recommend you bring your meals with you, as you will not have anytime to go out to get something. We have a lot of ground to cover. Typical costs for eating at a hotel seminar for the day can run upwards of $50. You get to eat healthily for free.

Two healthy meals and a snack
are provided

At the one-day workshop you'll be shown exactly how Kim and Vito have successfully branded clients for over a decade. The same process that companies pay $50,000, $250,000, even $1,000,000 to get done.

Register to attend the One-day BrandU®  Workshop NOW.

 You've got questions?

Q. Where will this workshop be held ?

A. Depending on the city in which you are attending, you can find the addresses by clicking on Workshop Locations at

Q. How long is the workshop?

A. The workshop is 8 hours and will begin promptly at 8 am and go until 6 pm. Yes, it is a long day because we want to make sure you leave with information that will change your business immediately. We've been told the day flies because we make it fun.

Q. Can I register at the door?

A. Yes, but we prefer that you pre-register so that we can make sure we have enough food for you.

Q. What if I have to leave before 6 PM?

A. You will not complete the process and will miss out on the opportunity to win one of the $500 Brandstorm sessions that will be given away. You will also miss out on the special gifts that we give out at the end.

Q. Who else will be attending this workshop?

A. Entrepreneurs and business owners just like you who are tired of guessing how to grow their business and are ready to really make it happen.

Q. Will I benefit from this workshop if I’m just starting out in my business?

A. Absolutely. You’ll save hours and hours of time and save hundreds and thousands of dollars by not making mistakes that could have been avoided IF you really established the foundation of your business..

Q. Will there be other speakers "selling things" at this workshop?

A. Absolutely not!  It will be just you, Kim and Vito.

Q. What do I need to do to prepare for it?

A. When you register you will receive an email confirming your registration, hotel information, and some homework that will set the stage for you to get the most out of the day. We also recommend that you get a good night’s sleep on Friday.

Q. What do I need to bring with me?

A. Dress for unpredictable hotel climate control, bring a notebook and a couple pens to take notes, a small stack of business cards (in case you want to network with someone you meet). Any special food or beverage needs, your full business vision, and a wide open mind so that you can grow. If you have a copy of our book, It’s A BrandU Day, bring it with you as well.

Clarity is power. Successful businesses have it. Those struggling to get their next customer are constantly looking for it. No matter where you are in your business, in the One-day BrandU® Workshop you’ll leave with a crystal clear understanding of what it is you are truly creating with your business so you can effectively market it.

We look forwarding to getting to know you and your business at the BrandU® One-day Workshop.

Get ready to explode your sales.
Put more money in your pocket.
And enjoy the freedom and success you’ve always deserved!

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