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Once a year, the BrandU Certified Team opens to accept talented professional graphic artists who:

  • want to enjoy a flow of design projects for business owners who have clearly defined their business without having to look for them,
  • want to work with a proven successful process for creating powerful brand communication freeing them up to simply design with ease and at a fraction of the time,
  • want to enjoy a greater financial flow outside of designing
  • want to be a part of a growing team of world-wide entrepreneurial designers

From December 1, 2004 through January 15, 2005 BrandU and Why Communications are accepting applicants who meet the following criteria;

  • professional with at least 3-5 years design experience in but not limited to logos, websites, CDs, books, brand identity, OR a recent art school design graduate
  • sole-proprietor in their own business and able to work on their own in their own environment
  • have samples of their work to show
  • can share at least five references from past clients, employers, or professors (for design school grads)

Anyone interested in becoming a part of the world-wide BrandU Certified Design Team, should send 3 of their strongest samples in lo-resolution jpg format to [email protected] to be considered.There are only a few seats available each quarter and design standards are high. Designers who meet these standards will be notified the by the end of the first month in each quarter when team details will be shared.

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