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The Branding Process

Everything that BrandU does is all about sharing the mindset and tools of branding.  We prescribe to this formula:

Dreams + Process = Success

We have gone about proving and documenting the process with our clients and ourselves and developing the tools available to you here today.

In Why BrandU and There's a Brand Inside You we set the mindset and open the doors to your dreams.  In the One-day BrandU Workshop we begin the process of connecting those dreams to the mindset.  CLIC Track programs were created to assist you set-by-step with the process of creating your brand and its unique roadmap or 'bible.'  And soon, the BrandU Day:  Fear Journal will be there to keep you on-track.

The power that is unleashed and focused will astound you-- read our testimonials.  We get so many we can't keep up!

Here's how we see the process of reaching more customers, faster and more precisely.  Most everyone, except for the largest of companies investing millions in branding, jump to the external manifestation of marketing materials first.  What the millions afford the big businesses is the time and mindshare of experts to thoroughly anchor and align the purpose of their product or service.  Then, and only then, they go about writing and designing their marketing materials. This should not only be available to big businesses. We share this with you, the small business owner,  in BrandU so you can use the exact same process for a tiny faction that they invest.


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