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CLIC Track Tele-Course

How many times have you bought a book or product with the best intentions to put it to use for your business and... it sat on your shelf unopened? Now that doesn't have to happen.

For thirteen weeks, on the phone, you'll get walked through the entire BrandU Bible. It's a classroom via the phone. You'll receive assigned homework, be able to share your results, ask questions, and learn from other tele-Brand Warriors. By the end of the course, you'll have all the information to develop your business as a brand. If you miss a session, no problem, you'll have access to all session archives.

In this thirteen part tele-course you will:

  • be walked through the entire brand statement process
  • be shown how to se your completed brand statement to create all the tool you will need in the development of your brand
  • have a brand staff at your disposal to answer questions


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