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 "Command with your brand and be in demand! Read Why BrandU and learn how to experience profitability beyond belief."
-Mark Victor Hansen , America's Leading Expert on Human Potential and Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and One Minute Millionaire.

 "It's a quick read, but don't let the size fool you! WHY BrandU is a big business read that you can't put down until you're finished. It's concise and clearly to the point - which is YOU. The fresh, playful humour will redirect your focus and prime your passion pump for the how-to of fueling grand success. This book offers real business value that makes a difference."
-Janice Mark Visionary of Destiny NOW, Director of Design-Oracle


"Thank you so much for the inspiration tonight! You are a dynamic teacher. The 60 minutes flew by! I look forward to applying what I learned tonight and what I know I will learn from you in the future. Much Success and prosperity to you!"
Monica Holbrook

"It was nice meeting you tonight on your very inspiring teleclass last evening. I thoroughly enjoyed it and your positive energy erased the remnants of a very negative experience I had just shortly before the call. You reminded me why I was in the business that I was in. Thank you for that."
- Ellen Schultz Tea Women Network founder

"I loved your tele-class tonight. Thanks for it."
- Karin Manske Los Angeles Womens Network founder

CLIC Track

"At the end of 2003 I made the decision to take my business in a new direction and enlisted the help of WhyU to help me on this journey. Using the Click Track program, I have six months worth of expert help to bring my business to another level. I am still in awe that such talented people as Vito and Kim are partnering with me. I feel so fortunate to have found them. An entrepreneur's road is a lonely road and I was so tired of trying to guess how to market and brand my business. Now I've got two committed people on my team who know exactly how to get me where I want to go. I don't have to guess anymore. They are putting me on the the road to success and what an amazing journey it is!"
-  Michelle Howe "Howe Write You Are" Business Communications

"The CLIC Track program has been invaluable for me in defining what my company is all about. I now have a thorough understanding of what kind of an experience I want my products to provide for customers. BrandU? and the CLIC Track have infused me with a new burst of energy, creating hundreds of new ideas and possibilities."
- Ellen Dostal, Dostal Essentials

"It is such a pleasure to work with people that love what they do and are so good at it. Working with Vito and Kim has been an enlightening process and has raised the bar on all of my business relationships. Thank you for your gift, Vito and Kim!"
-Greg Mooers, Life Camp


"Thank you so much again for your spectacular seminar. I cannot believe I was able to get so much out of such a short time, although I was completely exhausted after our day. -Deanie Kramer Kim Castle and Why Communications find and deliver brand vision and passion in a powerful, illuminating seminar that shows you how big you really are."
-Ann Convery

"BrandU gives you the tools you need to embark upon your marketing journey."
-Meri Anne Beck-Woods

"BrandU helped me to distill my business essence in a way that confirms my strategic decisions and keep me on track."
-Josef S. Klus, Coach

"The workshop afforded me the opportunity to get in touch with what motivates me and my business. This clarity is invaluable as I go forward creating my mission statement and marketing tools. Well Done!"
-Shannita Williams-Alleyne, Creative Soul Media

"BrandU was informative, well organized and fun! Kim is knowledgeable not only about design and branding but business savvy as well. Everything about the day was smart."
-Susan Oslin, Media Angel

"BrandU is a laser approach to a complex process that leaves you feeling (re)inspired, (re)directed, (re)focused and ready to bring your brand mainstream in a huge way! Wow! Thank you BrandU for being the "Miracle Gro" I need to expand and blossom my brand."
-Tami Walsh, Teen Wisdom

"Why should you take the BrandU Workshop? Because your brand walks in the door one step ahead of you, so you better know what it is before they do!"
-Ellen Dostal, The Dostal McGrann Company

"Why Communications turned branding into a holistic expression of the core essence of my motivation for being a Feng Shui Consultant."
-P.K. Odle, Feng Shui Advantage

"Thank you for leading me through the amazing process of developing my brand. I now have the tools to take my self and my business up a huge notch!"
-Deanie Kramer, Divorce Resource, Inc.

"I watched a room full of unenlightened branding newbies come alive as they worked through the exercises. I, for one, gained tremendously. Thanks."
-Alinda Lord, Damn Fine Coaching

"I consider myself a marketing expert and really wasn't sure if a one day workshop was a good use of my time. Kim Castle and Why Communications more than surpassed my expectations. I walked away with specific tools and a brand statement I'm going to use immediately."
-Adam Urbanski, Marketing Mentors

"BrandU showed me that my brand is intrinsic to who I am and what I aspire to at the deepest levels - it's not about 'making it up' but about 'uncovering it'."
-Audrey Philpot

"BrandU should be required education for businesses and entrepreneurs. I gained more clarity in one day than I've gotten in any other course. Don't bother looking for this information elsewhere. Why Communications has set the standard!"
-Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Red Hot Copy

 "I walked in 'burned-out' and walked out with a renewed sense of my role in the world."
-Anonymous Brand Warrior

"I am overwhelmed by the wealth of information I learned about my own business. I can't wait to see what happens when I apply my new vision to my dream. This workshop forced me to really look at my motivation for creating my business."
-Julia Martin, The Modern Nitespa

"Everyone in the room got chills when I said aloud for the first time what I really do - I felt my entire life's purpose come into fruition."
-Rachel Caplin, Curvolution

"BrandU changed the way I perceive my business, my self-image and life."
-Deborah Deras, Motivational Speaker

"A simple, straight-forward process to get to the nuts and bolts of the branding process."
-Dee E. Bearman

"The workshop was truly an amazing process. I definitely feel that this is only the beginning of making my company's mark and putting it out to the universe."
-Nora Wallace Walsh, Vice President of Women's Referral Service

"This workshop takes a vast amount of information on branding and condenses it into a thought-challenging fun filled day of intense learning. Nothing compares to this anywhere."
-Gary Knight, Shared Vision - San Diego

"I went from a brand worrier to a Brand Warrior in one day! Thank you BrandU!!"
-Matthew Brown

"When life delivers a discouraging blow, just say no, and press on, because you will discover what you already know!"
-Bob Maldonado

"To ask why a person does what they do is such a powerful force to drive any business or personal endeavor."
-Chaz Shand, Personal Trainer

"This workshop has enlightened me to see my vision and mission more clearly."
-Raquel Smith

"BrandU married my 2 passions and helped me create a focused "brand" plan for the future."
-Sheryl Carlin

"BrandU is a great process for clarifying what can be one of the most tedious and frustrating processes for entrepreneurs. Kim actually made it fun!"
-Debra Lindegren, Personal Coach

"BrandU put me in touch with my power so I can fuel me dreams. Thank you!"
-Ruth Sanchez

"BrandU helped to put into perspective why I needed to develop a Brand Statement. Thank you so much!"
-Marlene Moses

"BrandU helped me to begin my clarification process. I still have work to do but now I know where to go with it."
-Bethany Muhl

"I work with a wonderful "parent" company as an independent wellness consultant and yet want my own words to express my passion & conviction. BrandU has helped me develop more clarity to better connect with my market."
-Kathryn Ferrell

"BrandU's step-by-step process lead me through the murky waters of my new business vision to one of clarity and empowerment. I am now on the road to launching a successful business thanks to Kim and the BrandU team!"
-Marie Healy

"Today was a wonderful opportunity to create more clarity, see where further work is needed and create a foundation to spring from."
-Deborah Pietsch

"You've enlightened me - I never dug deep enough to find out what I'm really trying to convey to the world until I went to BrandU."
-Bernadette Antonino

"BrandU is organized, inspiring, clear, well presented, fun & funny! I really enjoyed the day and am grateful for the new way of looking at my business!!"
-Marion Mayer

"Branding was always a mystery to me. I now have a clear path I can take to get my company to the next level. Thanks! (PS. And it was FUN!)"
-Madeleine LaFontaine

"If entrepreneurs are not clear about what they're doing and why they're doing it, all of the marketing efforts will produce only chaos. BrandU gave me that clarity."
-Marcia Torrey-Jay

"When I came to the workshop I thought I would be developing a tagline or some marketing materials. What I gained instead was the fuel that will propel my business branding forward. Thanks so much for the direction."
-Candis Ross

"I was able to get to a statement that carries a lot of personal strength in my new direction. -Joan Friedlander Thank you! The energy from this workshop will help continue the transformation - the process of discovery."
-Shari Frank

"Every business owner should experience BrandU."
-Ilan Mandel, Teract Technologies

"In the world of dieting and cutting carbs, the BrandU workshop inspired me to get myself and my business fit and trim. Thanks!"
 -David Kloser, Life Skills Coach

"BrandU brings your brand to life."
-Jill Redfern

"BrandU is unique & different from others in that it helps you participate, experience and think through group exercises in order to put the content learned into action! You leave feeling empowered regarding your purpose in life!"
-Laura Dunn

"BrandU was fun and fulfilling! It had substance. Kim is a kick ass presenter. She just pulled us in with her conviction and enthusiasm. It is evident that she is passionate about her work and infused the exercises with this fire!"
-Alma Maglaya

"To participate with the energy and enthusiasm of Kim Castle and her staff is a privilege and an honor of an opening of my spirit."
-Marci'a Rudolph

"It's absolutely amazing how the precise questions used in BrandU reach deep down inside you to help you find your brand."
 -Lynn Pierce, Sales Therapist

"I came in confused...I left clear."
-Jacki Houghton

"I was able to confirm and better understand branding and then take it to the next level. Kim and Vito really forced me to have no stone unturned."
-Christi Williford, Elemental Design Studio

"It feels good to know my brand statement. I feel stronger. I finally have an inner foundation on which to build my business."
-Mawiyah Clayborne, PhD, Speaker, Author, Consultant

"What a wonderful gift Kim has of waking up your inner passion and presenting your gifts to the world. The BrandU process is a powerful way to establish your brand so your target audience can actually see you!"
-Melanie Benson Strick Success Connections, Owner and Performance Coach

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