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Why BrandU

In today's world, small or large, business is business. Period! Macro-trends show that people are leaving "corporate" life for entrepreneurship or small business life in droves. Our society is moving at light speed.

How do you as a small business penetrate people's awareness?

With competition fierce and consumers fickle, how do you establish value, retain customers AND increase sales opportunities?

It all starts with a belief, a mindset! That's why we created Why BrandU "Large Business Success No Matter Your Size" to help you make the mental switch... to adopt the necessary mindset.

This informative and inspiring book is wonderful for anyone starting their own business, leaving corporate life for an entrepreneurial one, launching a new product, or re-vitalizing an on-going enterprise. It is perfect for individuals who work within a larger marketing structure; real estate agents, insurance agents, investment agents and network marketing organizations and more.

The Why BrandU chapters:

A logo does not a brand make.

Branding is not a logo, a brochure or a web site
What does it mean to be a brand?
Why brand you?

Lack is one merry-go-round you need to get off.

It's time to get out of your own way
There are no monsters under the bed
Vision is Not What You See
What's passion got to do with it?

True uniqueness is on the inside.

A Point in Every Direction, Is the Same as No Point At All
Look Inside Not Out
Know Your Uniqueness
Clear Intentions Get Results

Your potential to be big, lies in every little thing you do.

Wasting away in Please-want-me-ville
Communication is Energy Exchange
Uniqueness is the Way to Your Market
You Can Make A Difference.

Bound Soft-cover is just $27 plus tax and shipping.

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There's A Brand Inside You - CD

There's A Brand Inside You: Big Business Success, No Matter Your Size

  • Want big business success as a small business owner or entrepreneur?
  • Want to separate yourself in a competitive market place?
  • Want your business materials to do the talking for you?

These answers are easy when you know how.

Picture being able to enjoy your work every day for the rest of your life. More than that imagine having the mindset and tools to discern when you've gotten off track! Sound impossible? Not according to Brand Visioneer, Kim Castle, who has been changing the lives of hundreds of entrepreneurs with her simple and passionate approach to business communication simply called BrandU.

Hear Kim Castle share her brand mindset wisdom on this one-hour audio CD for just $97 plus tax and shipping.

Please review our standard terms and conditions.


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