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The BrandU Bible

This unique self-study workbook simplifies the design & branding process that every company must go through in order to achieve the maximum RE$ULT$. The BrandU Bible puts control back into the hands of YOU, the business owner, instead of leaving you at the mercy of someone who knows Photoshop.

With the BrandU Bible you'll learn:

• what is branding
• how to create your own brand statement
• the four step process of communicating your brand
• how to hire a designer
• and much more!

"A simple, straight-forward process that gets to the nuts and bolts of the branding process."
-Dee E. Bearman

You'll be guided into crafting your crucial Brand Statement as well as taken through the proven CLIC (sm) Process. We take you step-by-step, start to finish, through the process. Get all you deserve from your designers at the lowest possible price. Why will their costs be so low? Because you have already done most of the work for them!!!

This workbook was written to bring the proven process guaranteed to bring you larger business success within the reach of everyone. If you hired a firm to take you through the Branding Process the costs usually run from $10,000 - $50,000 - $1,000,000!! With this simple workbook you'll learn to apply the process and brand yourself at a tiny fraction of the cost!

Clarity, passion, concise communications is just the tip of what users experience. Let's take a peek inside at the secrets revealed:


• Becoming A Brand Warrior
• The Big Business Mindset
• Brand Warrior Affirmation


• Branding 10
• History of Branding
• Modern Brands
• What It Means to Entrepreneurs

"The workbook afforded me the opportunity to get in touch with what motivates me and my business. This clarity is invaluable as I go forward creating my mission statement and marketing tools. Well Done!"
-Shannita Williams-Alleyne


• Branding In Brand
• A Brand Within a Company
• A Product Within a Brand


• Branding Statement

BrandU™ is a laser approach to a complex process that leaves you feeling (re)inspired, (re)directed, (re)focused and ready to bring your brand mainstream in a huge way! Wow!
-Tami Walsh


• CLIC Process: Character, Language, Image, & Color


• Taglines


• Marketing Statement


• Hiring a Designer


• How to Apply Your Results

"BrandU showed me that my brand is intrinsic to who I am and what I aspire to at the deepest levels - it's not about 'making it up' but about 'uncovering it'."
-Audrey Philpot

You're getting Big Business Advertising SECRETS that will result in big business SUCCESS! This information has been created from over a decade in the advertising design business, the BrandU™ Bible is the only step-by-step workbook that takes entrepreneurs through a powerful branding process so they can standout in this highly competitive market at fraction of what a typical advertising agency costs! This powerful 150+ page workbook connects you to the huge vision of your business and gives you the tools to communicate it-- to your customers, to your team, to yourself!

FREE Gift #1 - Re-writeable, Downloadable E-Book Version

As soon as you purchase your BrandU™ Bible you can immediately download a color PDF version of the entire workbook. So there is no waiting to get started on creating your brand. In addition, you can print a copy to make notes in and record your final work in the beautiful full-color BrandU™ Bible that you receive via Federal Express Ground Shipping - FREE of Charge! PLUS, if you have the complete version of Adobe Acrobat, you can work directly in your E-book version and save it for printing when you're done. It's instant access, free shipping, and you receive two books for the price of one. Invaluable!

FREE Gift #2 - The BrandU Workshop CD

To help get you started, we will include a CD of the sold-out BrandU™ Workshop that is based on the BrandU™ Bible. Just listen along as Kim takes you through the first leg of the branding process. It will be almost as if she is holding your hand taking you through the process LIVE!! This is a $197 value and ships in January 2004.

FREE Gift #3 - Half-hour consultation with the experts

Yes, you read that right! If you've gotten your Bible and have questions, we'd love to help you -- one-on-one, over the phone. Please note that we can only offer this half-hour consultation "while supplies last"-- that is, while we still have the time to give. So if you purchase this package today, you'll be one of the lucky ones who are guaranteed this opportunity, from up to six months from your purchase date. This is an exceptional value considering Kim & Vito's time is valued at $300 an hour.

FREE Gift #4 - Develop your brand risk-free

If you desire more thorough hands-on assistance, 100% of your money paid for the BrandU™ Bible (less tax) is applied if you upgrade to either the CLIC(sm) Track Tele-class or the CLIC(sm) Track One-on-One program with one calendar year form purchase.

"BrandU™ changed the way I perceive my business, my self-image and life."
-Deborah Deras

Companies are lined up and pay thousands of dollars for the process captured within the BrandU™ Bible, but you won't have to! The ingenious BrandU™ Bible is now only $497.

Please review our standard terms and conditions.

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